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Partes: 19
Tama?o: 18x85Mb + 1x30,6Mb
Archivos: Rar
Size comprimido: 1,52Gb
Size Iso: 2,7Gb
Secuencia de descompresion: 18.rarx85Mb + 1.rarx30,6Mb ->1.rarx1,52Gb -> 1x2,7Gb.iso
Idioma: Ingles
Formato: Ntsc
Sfv: Incluido (Comprueba las partes descargadas)
Creado por brokenhope8

Consideraciones a tener en cuenta:

Utiliza el mismo save que el gh2 original.
Todos los temas estan en dificultad Expert.
Si elegis otra dificultad el juego no se cuelga, pero no salen las notas.
Algunos bonus estan desordenados, pero estan.
Dos de los temas dan problemas para cargarlos, pero si presionas rapidamente
para jugar se cargan sin problema. Estan marcados en el set list.

Set List

1. Proud To Be Loud
"See You In Hell" - Grim Reaper
"Flight Of Icarus" - Iron Maiden
"Templars Of Steel" - Hammerfall
"I Want Out" - Helloween
"The Antichrist" - Slayer (Encore)

2. Thrash Or Die!
"Deathrider" - Anthrax
"Deny The Cross" - Overkill
"People Of The Lie" - Kreator
"Angel Of Death" - Slayer
"Unleash The Bastards" - Municipal Waste (Encore)

3. Old School
"Killers" - Iron Maiden
"The Ripper" - Judas Priest
"Killing Yourself To Live" - Black Sabbath
"Panic" - Anthrax
"Overkill" - Overkill (Encore)

4. Audible Evil
"The Evil That Men Do" - Iron Maiden
"Victim Of Fate" - Helloween
"Postmortem" - Slayer
"Blackened" - Metallica
"Bite The Pain" - Death (Encore)

5. Melodic Madness
"Ride The Sky" - Helloween
"Welcome Home" - King Diamond
"Caught Somewhere In Time" Iron Maiden
"Hammer Away" - Racer X
"Far Beyond The Sun" - Yngwie J. Malmsteen (Encore)

6. Fairies, Pain, Terror, Madness & A Bad Horsie
"Fairies Wear Boots" - Black Sabbath
"Painkiller" - Judas Priest
"Terror Shark" - Municipal Waste
"Can I Play With Madness" - Iron Maiden
"Bad Horsie" - Steve Vai (Encore)

7. Extreme Aggressions
"Into The Crypts Of Rays" - Celtic Frost
"Sargent D & The SOD" - Stormtroopers Of Death
"Heartwork" - Carcass
"Crystal Mountain" - Death
"Visualize Permanent Damnation" - Dying Fetus (Encore) *****Pulsa X rapido para jugar*****

8. Final Death
"Valley Of The Damned" - Dragonforce
"Benedictine Convulsions" - Cryptopsy
"Stabwound" - Necrophagist
"Raining Blood" - Slayer
"Rising Force" - Yngwie J. Malmsteen (Encore)

Bonus Tracks
"Antisocial" - Anthrax
"Degeneration-X" - WWE
"Heavy Metal Is The Law" - Helloween
"Starlight" - Helloween
"Transylvania" - Iron Maiden
"Wasted Years" - Iron Maiden
"Down On Me" - Jackyl
"Killer Klowns From Outer Space" - The Dickies
"One Deap Cop" - Left?ver Crack
"Reborn Empower" - Living Sacrifice
99 Ways To Die" - Megadeth
Dr. Feelgood" - M?tley Cr¨¹e
King Of Kings" - Mot?rhead
You Suffer" - Napalm Death *****Pulsa X rapido para jugar*****
Mr. Crowley" - Ozzy Osbourne
The Badge" - Pantera
Cemetery Gates" - Pantera
Youth Gone Wild" - Skid Row
Slave To The Grind" - Skid Row
South Of Heaven" - Slayer
Return To Serenity" - Testament
Black Sunshine" - White Zombie
Wicked Child" - Castelvania
X-Men Theme" - X-Men

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